Monday, October 20, 2008

Aunt Sue

This is basically a short documentation of a particular situation that has basic enveloped ur community over the past year to two. I am actually writing this for another blog so forgive me if it feels a bit formal. It's a pretty touching story... here it is.

I live in eastern Washington in an awesome community of strong believers and co-laborers in Christ. Recently we, as a church (a.k.a. community, everyone in the community is in the church), went through a very trying experience that tested our faith to its limit. This post is about the situation, the pain, the turmoil god brought us through and how we, by the grace of god, chose to praise him through it. Bear with me if this seems long but please read it all, this is very inspiring.

It all began nearly three years ago when Mrs. Sue Chambers a dearly beloved sister in the Lord and English teacher we had learned to respect for years collapsed in the church basement. I remember running to tell somebody and quickly masses of helpful people were gathered around her. Mrs. Johnson, another great woman of God, cradled Mrs. Chambers head until help could arrive. Her brave husband, Dave Chambers then came to take her to the hospital where they would find out what had happened. Thankfully, Sue came to consciousness quickly and they were able to make it to the hospital with no incident.

The now alert Sue and Dave were directed down to Santa Rosa for a final diagnosis and it was shocking. Sue Chambers, our beloved sister had unerringly terminal brain cancer and was given 6 months to live. Our community was no less effected by it and quickly got on the wall in prayer, fasting… you name it, we did it.

During this time the normally strong and silent Dave Chambers underwent a massive transformation. He was still strong, no, stronger but the Dave that went down to Santa Rosa came back a different man. He was outgoing, outspoken and not afraid to share his faith and beyond that, unwilling not to share. Mrs. Chambers was the same way and together the dynamic duo decided to call on God to help them brave this experience. “God is good”, they would say. Questions came to my mind. How can they say God is good when he lets this happen? Over time those seemingly insurmountable questions were answered above and beyond. The way they pressed through and took hold of Gods word. As Mrs. Chambers got worse and worse, losing some of her hair to chemo therapy. The way she sung in worship when her speech could hardly function and the way Dave, her husband, held her hand all the way, trusting in God with the pain just as evident on his face as hers.

This couple effected our community in a way I am be proud to say I was a part of, whatever the emotional hurt. Revival dominated our church, you know something is different when you jump up and start dancing around the room during worship (yes this actually happened but I was one of over 50 doing it!). A man I had hardly known, despite him being my neighbor, started 24 hour prayer for a week and from then on at 6:30 every morning and 8:00 every night specifically over Sue but now this prayer time continues and God shows up morning and night. He and his family have transformed along with the rest of the community and he is now the principle prayer warrior for our church. The list goes on and you can contact me if you want to hear more (which I highly recommend. It is a very inspirational story!).

No, this story does not have the typical “happy ending” that she was healed or brought hundreds to Christ. Sue Imrie Chambers died on August 31st 2008 after a two and a half year battle with cancer. That in itself incredible that she lived two years longer than the doctors predicted, but the real miracle happened in the hearts of this community. This tiny gathering of people out in the mountains will never be the same as is the case with me. I believe that her work and main message she wanted to communicate to us was this. She summed it up in her final words here on earth. Holding her husbands hand and barely gaining the strength to speak she whispered, “Be king to one another.” I think of this everyday and it inspires me with the passion to strive to have just a fraction of the faith it took to say those parting words. To not focus on myself in my time of dire need, but others. Sue’s immortal life is a humbling and moving story, or in my case, experience for us all. Let us honor that and persevere to become a living memorial for all those who have prepared the way and gone before us.

In Christ Alone,

Solo deo gloria,


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Destiny said...

That was a really good post Josiah! I had heard about her story through the Anderson's, but this post made me understand what was really going on up there.

Thank you so much for posting this! We all need to realize how short life is, and how amazing God is!


Kaleb said...

ok i have to say... can i do it...
way to go for taking the time to
post such a meaningful post.
*slaps back* good job!

Josiah said...

Thank you, I am glad God used it, I am posting it on another blog and have heard great things there too but the really enchanting and uplifting thing is the story, one that could never be fictionalized or made up but a real grinding, persevering time while yet worshiping the Lord! By the way, thanks for taking the time to read the post!

Grandma of Many said...

Josiah - your post brought me to tears. We knew Dave and Sue and what an honor to have you post their story. There were an inspiration to many and God has gifted you in words to forward their story. Thank you! Dottie