Monday, September 29, 2008

Harvest Party Pictures!

The scare crow that won the scare crow building contest built by me and a whole bunch of little kids (and Garrett and Meghann and Janissa).
Yee hah Justin!
Two beautiful best friends.
Corn, huh?

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Josiah said...

I'll post more of these later!

Destiny said...

okay.... :o)

The Goldman Family said...

My most felicitous greetings to your...your,uhh? Dudeship?

The Goldman Family said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that the only thing that will change the culture is a"rebolution", as you put it, in the theology of our churches.
I we present a "feather pillow" seeker friendly gospel and exclude gods law then we will surely fall into sin.
For as Paul said,"I have not known sin but by the law".
So in answer to your poll I would say we need a Johnathan Edwards in the pulpit not hyper-energized youth or good governmental leaders.
Confident, motivated sheep need to be led the most.

Josiah said...

I agree that their should be leadership but i also hold that a grass roots movement must be started and thereby it will grow, train and raise up leaders. Granted, we do not need a whole bunch of crazy youth running around with their heads chopped off but if a top down government of even well meaning pastors, preachers, then the people will not have their heart in it and the words will go unheeded. I maintain that it must be from the bottom up and a people movement raising up leaders from it. Good points though.

P.S. Thank you for the salutations.