Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Blog, New Vision, Old Battle

Well, as some of you have seen, I have a new blog. I shut the other one down a week ago. I have just joined and am now very passionate about the website I was turned on to it by Alex and Brett Harris' (the website's founders) book "Do Hard Things"(it is an amazing book and i highly recommend it!). I had had minimal knowledge of it before that but never checked it out. The requirements of joining the website alone are proof that these people are serious and should be taken that way. You have to write two essays and answer a detailed questionnaire just to get in the process of application. I am really excited about connecting with believers all over the world and networking with them to reform it into God's Kingdom. Well, i will post more later but as for now, goodbye!

In Christ Alone,


2 Things people are saying:

Grandma of Many said...

Josiah, Thank for the great post and for your new blog. It is awesome. Sure wish you guys could come down and visit again. Dottie

Josiah said...

So do I! We had and awesome time down there(lets see, what was it, 3 years ago?)!